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We can get all of those shiny attachments you want to make the ultimate firearm. Upgrade your stock, trigger, optic or just add some new gear. We can get any and all accessories you need for your firearms and we will beat any advertised price out there.

Scope Installation

A great rifle is only as good as it's glass. And just slapping a nice scope into some rings is not going to give you the best results. We will set your rings to the base and lap the rings to allow the most positive contact on the scope body. This ensures the scope will not shift over time due to recoil and/or bumps.

Repair & Restore

Is Grandpa's old war trophy sitting in the closet? Does it need some TLC to bring it back to life? We clean and repair firearms to ensure you can safely pass down that family hierloom.


With the continuing push on gun control resulting in vast shortages across America, we would like to help those who are looking for that specific firearm. We have access to several distributors so we can get that perfect firearm you've been looking for. Whether your are considering something for home or self defense, an upgrade for the upcoming hunting season, or just a slick new toy to show off at the rangerJust contact us with what you are looking for and we will get quote to you as soon as possible.

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For some of us, the plain Jane firearm just will not do. We want the best, the head turning, jaw dropping gun of our dreams. We can make those dreams a reality here at Rumfelt Ordnance. From new sights on your Glock to a full chassis installation for an EBR, we will make it happen.